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Entry Submission Guidelines

All 2016 entries will be submitted through completing the form below and uploading entry in PDF format. Entries may be no larger than 10MB (combined into one zip file).  Submission deadline is October 14th, 2016. Please align your pages in the following order to cover these subjects:

Executive Summary (1 page)

  • Campaign title
  • Details on the agency that created the campaign
  • The client that the campaign was created for
  • Dates of campaign
  • Category that the campaign is being submitted for
  • Integrated marketing vehicles that the campaign included
  • Campaign theme
  • Key Objectives
  • High level business results

Campaign Background (1 page, Max 300 words )

  • Key elements that impacted the marketing and creative strategy

Objectives, Strategies and Tactics (1 page, Max 300 words)

  • Specific KPIs should be included

Campaign creative attachment (less than or equal to 5 pages, Max 300 words)

  • Campaign creative attachment (less than or equal to 5 pages)
  • This should include attachments and/or links to your creative material to support your entry. 
  • If these attachments of photos make the size of the PDF too large, please submit a list of creative Materials to support your entry.
  • Creative material attachments not to exceed 3 additional files – which in totally must be no more than 5 additional, 8.5x11 printed pages.
  • Videos should be posted at Vimeo or YouTube and links included in the entry PDF

Business Results (less than or equal to 2 pages, Max 400 words)

  • Be sure results shown are related direct to the objectives and KPIs

Submission Deadline 

  • October 14th, 2016

Other Rules:

Documentation to be submitted:

  • Only results presented in the entry will be considered
  • Increase readability by using bullet points
  • Keep each section of your entry within word limitation guidelines
  • Call out key pieces of information
  • Remember – Less is More

It is not guaranteed that all categories will recognize a winner. Only submissions that provide solid results and exemplify the qualities of great marketing will be considered for finalist placement.  Finalists will be notified two weeks prior to event on November 3.  All Finalists will be recognized at the event, and Winners will be announced at the event.



Soda Park Ad

Pulse Awards 2016
Entry Form

We recognize that many campaigns utilize marketing tactics that extend beyond one specialty area.  We encourage entry in multiple categories when applicable, but request that each entry be revised to focus on the marketing specialty that will be evaluated.  Each category entered must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee.  Cost per submission is $75 for PSAMA Members or $100 for Non Members.   Pay for Entry Submission Now!


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